"Is there a better way of effectively transferring organization's knowledge?"

Here are 3 reasons why you should rely less on conventional method of learning.



  Conventional learning is based on somebody else’s experience, not your organization’s own valuable experience

Conventional learning methods don’t give you the opportunity to practice what you have learnt. Instead they are focusing on teaching you what they have learnt. In some cases, when you want to mimic best practices from other organizations, this might be necessary. However, many times, we want to.


  Conventional learning is not engaging

Most participants would admit that they have lost focus many times in training courses, presentations, or lectures. The tendency of one way communications or individual works is not engaging enough for the participants to feel excited on learning.


   Conventional learning is not  interactive

People learn not just from the experts, they also learns from their peers. These interactions between participants create a shared-learning environment. We can also introduce a healthy dose of competitions between participants which would drive them to perform better.



It is time to tackle these challenges.

"How Serious Simulation Games may help you"

For Business & Organizations

Serious simulation games is an effective tool to enhance an innovative culture at your organization. Businesses all around the world has taken advantage in applying serious simulation games in improving the learning process of the business stakeholders. It also allow your business to recruit better talents through a serious simulation game-based recruitment program. As the need for an innovative culture continues to grow, now it’s the right time to switch over to serious simulation games.


  • For Training & Development Program

Serious Games have succeeded in motivating employees to learn.  Businesses all over the world are benefiting in better employees’ performance .


  • For Recruitment Program

Recruiters will have a better understanding of their candidate.  They may evaluate how candidates work together under pressure to solve problems.


For Education Institutions

There has always been questions about the effectiveness of conventional learning methodologies. They are considered ineffective, because they are based on somebody else’s experience. They are not engaging and most participants would admit that they have lost focus many times during the session. They are not interactive and does not allow for a shared-learning environment. As educators, you can tackle all this issues by applying serious simulation games in your academic courses.  


  • For Lecturing Medium

In compare to the traditional method of teaching (e.g. lecturing), Serious Simulation Games offer a better learning experience for students. Complex theories are better thought in engaging simulated environment.


Significant Serious Games

Table-Top Board Games

Table-Top Board Games are games that developed in the form of board game, usually played on top of a table. These type of games are very effective in engaging participants to an immersive learning environment. In this digital era, playing something using your hands creates a unique experience. We found this fact in our experience in deploying these board games. Board games highlights the importance combination of visual, auditory and kinetics aspects of learning.


Digital Games

Digital games are games that uses a digital platform as the medium. It can be in the form of stand-alone programs or connected stations.

Digital games strong points are the computing power they provide to simplify game mechanics. They also proved a new platform of online collaboration that worked across different places. Our research experiences provide numerous concepts to these digital games.


Our Significant Games

OMG! Operation Management Game Book

A customizable Serious Simulation Board Game for Learning the Core Principles of Operation Management


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Our Significant Services

Game Based Training

We offer you serious simulation game-based training with our ready-set games. We have games that focuses on the issue surrounding supply chain, operation management, and financial management.

If you are interested in deploying the games at your own, we also provide ’Training for Facilitators’ which would guide you on how to facilitate the games.

Game Development Consulting

Develop your own Serious Simulation Game with our expertise. Our experts have the experience in developing various games for unique needs of knowledge transfer. We will accompany you in the development process. Collaborating with you, we can spark ideas together and find the best game mechanics for your needs.

Game Development Workshop

If you want to develop games for your own, we provide workshop and training on how to develop your own serious simulation games. We will share our game development framework with you and let you feel the excitement in developing your own customized game for your organizations or teaching process.