PMG! Project Management Game

Project Management Simulation Game (PMG) is a Serious Board Game that adopts the fundamental of Project Management. This game aims to facilitate the understanding of the players in managing a project. The board game describes the five phases in project management; starting from initiation, planning, execution, inspection and closure. Each player acts as a project manager […]

OMG! Operation Management Game

OMG! is the first highly-customizable table-top board-game in Indonesia (and probably the world). The Operation Management Game (OMG!) was designed to help managers and leaders learn about various operations management aspects in a simulated production line. OMG is an example of Serious Simulation Games (SSG), which is games of real-world systems designed for the purpose […]

SSMG! Strategic Sourcing Management Game

Strategic Sourcing Management Game (SSMG) is a serious board game designed to simulate the challenge of making decisions in choosing sourcing strategy. Built in the form of a board game, it is used as a medium to learn the key concepts of strategic sourcing management. During the game, participants will learn how to choose different […]

H2! Supply Chain Management Game

H2! Supply Chain Management Game is an excel based offline digital Serious Simulation Game, developed to provide understanding related to supply chain management through playing experience. It was created to improve and enhance the skills in decision making in supply chain management, by mimicking supply chain in the real world, and to learn to react […]

Coming Soon: FTW! Feed The World Game

Save us all from hunger, and play Feed The World! This multiplayer online game brings you to compete in a race against time to ensure everyone obtains enough supplies. Design shipping routes, production plans, build sustainable infrastructure to help the world sustain its everlasting need of food commodities. Learn and progress your skills in Operational […]