Coming Soon: FTW! Feed The World Game

Save us all from hunger, and play Feed The World! This multiplayer online game brings you to compete in a race against time to ensure everyone obtains enough supplies. Design shipping routes, production plans, build sustainable infrastructure to help the world sustain its everlasting need of food commodities. Learn and progress your skills in Operational Research, Supply Chain Management, and other industrial & systems engineering intricacies! Suitable for young adults or adults, students or professionals, FTW! brings you an interactive and dynamic game that challenges your lateral and systems thinking, also encouraging players to take accounted risks and achieve different, exciting goals on this digital web-based simulation game!

“In 2050, Asia accounted for more than 80% of the world hunger rate. The economic inequality and lack of national capacities have led communities in Asia to suffer from crops shortages, expensive rates for groceries, and nourishment levels below humane standards. As a strategic move from national leaders back then, countries realized that they needed each other to survive more than ever. Each nation started focusing mass production on types of commodities that are within each nation’s specific capabilities. With conflicts ensuing within the World Food Programme’s leadership, coordination with ITIN enterprises (the #1 leading logistics company in the world) faltered, cutting off routes throughout the region. Suddenly, multiple nations suffered commodity deficiencies. To make things worse for Asia’s low rates of nutrition, nations that heavily rely on imported goods now face severe food crises that may span for the coming months. The UN Secretary General has commanded the WFP to appoint a new Director General from the existing board members. You, as one of the board members have been selected to the shortlist of four board candidates that could fill in the empty Director General chair, and as the last phase of selection the Secretary General inquires the four finalists to overcome this crisis by taking control of Asia’s multi-regional food supply chain. With a limited budget, you have been tasked to overcome the global crises ahead, however this fund will be useful for the 5 years you have to plan out in order to save Asia from hunger and be elected as the new UNWFP Director General!”