SSMG! Strategic Sourcing Management Game

Strategic Sourcing Management Game (SSMG) is a serious board game designed to simulate the challenge of making decisions in choosing sourcing strategy. Built in the form of a board game, it is used as a medium to learn the key concepts of strategic sourcing management.

During the game, participants will learn how to choose different strategies and experience the impact of their selected strategy. The different strategy are based on the theory of ‘Sourcing Business Models’. Each business models has their own challenges and risk that should be considered while selecting the sourcing strategy. The participants will choose different countries as the source of raw materials, and their sourcing strategy will have different characteristics of sourcing uncertainties within each source country.

SSMG is designed for professional practitioners, academics, and students that want to enhance their ability in the field of ‘strategic sourcing management’ in a more fun, competitive and immersive learning atmosphere.

SSMG is designed to create a better learning experience.